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JOY! In Color, in Art, in Life!

I’m Pegret, and this is my studio and home of creative experiments, exploration, innovation and all kinds of art. I’m a painter and all-around creative who loves diving into projects, workshops, and play shops.

I am a “curious elder”, showing my age peers how to live their exciting later years with relevance, wisdom, humor, positive productivity and joy. I am a bit of a character. I am dedicated to my work (I make art and paint every day) and to the work of others. I love to inspire, offering words of encouragement and a good “listen”. I am fun to play with and clearly love any “art party,” even when they are virtual. (Thank you Zoom!)

I have acquired wisdom and have learned to do art for the joy of it, to just set aside worries about what anyone else thinks and embrace the process. I love people, I have tons of ideas and want to share them to make even better ideas. I am generous with my time, my energy, and with all those years of accumulated knowledge. I seek positive change for myself and help create change for others.

My paintings come from my heart. I love to communicate my joy of life through my art. In well over 20 years of painting and making art I have broadened my interests from pet portraits to a kaleidoscope of topics which you can see in the Galleries on the HOME page.

I have so much fun creating series, exploring abstraction, and finding new ways to communicate in my art. I adore color — bold, rich, and expressive. I want my creative voice to be heard through my humor and joy for life and love, through my signature color palette, my mark making, and imaginative stories designed to transport you to a happy place.

I am so grateful to live my life as a creative. When I have those “goosebump moments” of discovery and joy, I want to generously share them. I’m hoping that if I have found something that resonates in my work, you will see and feel it too.

The Art Lab is based in Southwest Florida with my husband Bob, my studio assistants: two Havanese dogs, mom Marshmallow and daughter Olive, and our resident T-Rex, Marie.

So come on in, look around! See what explorations and experiments are happening. I invite you to walk along my path and laugh with me, learn with me and have fun with me.

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Pegret Harrison

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